Corrected Four-Sphere Head Model for EEG Signals

  title={Corrected Four-Sphere Head Model for EEG Signals},
  author={Solveig N{\ae}ss and Chaitanya Chintaluri and Torbj\orn V. Ness and Anders M. Dale and Gaute T. Einevoll and Daniel K. W{\'o}jcik},
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The EEG signal is generated by electrical brain cell activity, often described in terms of current dipoles. By applying EEG forward models we can compute the contribution from such dipoles to the electrical potential recorded by EEG electrodes. Forward models are key both for generating understanding and intuition about the neural origin of EEG signals as well as inverse modeling, i.e., the estimation of the underlying dipole sources from recorded EEG signals. Different models of varying… CONTINUE READING