Corrélation spectrale théorique des modulations cpm partie II : Méthode de calcul générale et analyse


This paper is the second part of a two-part paper devoted to the study of the spectral correlation of CPM modulations. The first part gave the exact analytical expression of the theoretical spectral correlation for the special case of the CPKSF modulations (CPM 1-REC). A generalisation to all CPM modulations (full response CPMs other than 1-REC, and partial response CPMs) seems to be unrealisable. This paper presents a simple technique that allows to obtain the theoretical spectral correlation for all binary CPM modulations. This method requires only the computation of some double numerical integrations over finite intervals. The cyclostationary properties of some typical CPM modulations are studied in function of the waveform of their frequency response and their modulation index.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02997684

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