Corpus callosum size in delphinid cetaceans.

  title={Corpus callosum size in delphinid cetaceans.},
  author={Raymond J Tarpley and Sam H Ridgway},
  journal={Brain, behavior and evolution},
  volume={44 3},
The midsagittal surface area of the corpus callosum was determined by computer-assisted morphometry in juvenile and adult members of 13 species of the cetacean family Delphinidae. In 57 brains, absolute callosal areas ranged from 104 to 829 mm2. When compared to other mammal groups possessing a corpus callosum, callosal area in dolphins was smaller in relation to brain mass with a ratio range (mm2/g) of 0.08-0.31. The corpus callosum was decreased relative to brain mass in the larger-brained… CONTINUE READING

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