Corpus callosum: multiple parameter measurements in rodents and humans.

  title={Corpus callosum: multiple parameter measurements in rodents and humans.},
  author={Victor H. Denenberg and Patricia E. Cowell and Roslyn Holly Fitch and Andrew Kertesz and Gerry H. Kenner},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={49 3},
A magnified drawing of a human or a rodent corpus callosum is traced on a digitizing tablet. From this tracing the computer calculates callosal area, perimeter, length, and 99 widths, one for each percentile location along the longitudinal axis of the callosum. In addition, the human program encloses the callosum within a rectangle to obtain several other measures. The use of percentile widths allows one to generate a callosum profile to compare different clinical groups or different species… CONTINUE READING

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