Corpus callosotomy: some aspects of its microsurgical anatomy.

  title={Corpus callosotomy: some aspects of its microsurgical anatomy.},
  author={A J Gonçalves Ferreira and Jo{\~a}o P. F. Farias and M{\'a}rio H B Carvalho and J L Melancia and J. Machado Miguens},
  journal={Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery},
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Corpus callosotomy was reported for the first time by Dandy in 1922 and developed by Van Wagenen and Herren in 1940, but only Wilson in 1975 started performing it with a microsurgical technique. Its indications have remained controversial for a long time, but during the last years new interest has been raised concerning callosotomy as a treatment for some kinds of generalized epilepsy or as route to the anterior ventricular system. The microsurgical anatomy of the corpus callosum has therefore… CONTINUE READING