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Corporate Taxation and Investment.

  title={Corporate Taxation and Investment.},
  author={Eric Ohrn},
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Using Business Tax Cuts to Stimulate the Economy
This report discusses issues associated with the use of business tax subsidies. First, is fiscal policy appropriate? Second, how successful are subsidies likely to be and what form might they take toExpand
Does Corporate Governance Induce Earnings Management? Evidence from Bonus Depreciation and the Fiscal Cli
Commonly-used corporate governance mechanisms can improve some aspects of managerial performance, but also encourage managers to focus on current
Financial reporting, tax, and real decisions: toward a unifying framework
This paper provides a first step toward joint evaluation of taxation and financial reporting in the standard economic analyses of corporate behavior. It develops a framework that formalizes the ideaExpand
Where's the Applause? Why Most Corporations Prefer a Lower Rate
Seven reasons why most corporations prefer a lower corporate tax rate to immediate expensing of tangible investments.
Debt and the Marginal Tax Rate
Do taxes affect corporate debt policy? This paper answers this question by testing whether the incremental use of debt is positively related to firm-specific, tax-code-consistent marginal tax rates.Expand
Taxation and Corporate Investment: A q-Theory Approach
THE PAST DECADE has witnessed increasing concern over the level of business capital formation in the United States. By some measures there has been a sharp decline in the rate of capital forma:tion,Expand
An Evaluation of Alternative Measures of Corporate Tax Rates
This paper examines the ability of financial statement measures of average and marginal tax rates to capture tax attributes utilizing a matched sample of firm-level tax return and Compustat data. TheExpand
A Review of the Earnings Management Literature and its Implications for Standard Setting
In this paper we review the academic evidence on earnings management and its implications for accounting standard setters and regulators. We structure our review around questions likely to be ofExpand
Large Shareholders and Corporate Control
In a corporation with many small owners, it may not pay any one of them to monitor the performance of the management. We explore a model in which the presence of a large minority shareholder providesExpand
The Method of Payment in Corporate Acquisitions, Investment Opportunities, and Management Ownership
This article examines the motives underlying the payment method in corporate acquisitions. The findings support the notion that the higher the acquirer's growth opportunities, the more likely theExpand