Corporate Sustainability Management in the Energy Sector – An Empirical Contingency Approach

  title={Corporate Sustainability Management in the Energy Sector – An Empirical Contingency Approach},
  author={Oliver Salzmann},
Successful corporate sustainability management in energy companies and beyond: a systems perspective
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Inside the Mind of Stakeholders - Are they Driving Corporate Sustainability?
Oliver Salzmann Ulrich Steger Research Associate Alcan Chair of Environmental Management Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management Program Director, Building High Performance Boards IMD
Financial and corporate social performance in the UK listed firms: the relevance of non-linearity and lag effects
Using environmental, social and governance scores compiled by Reuters Datastream for each company’s corporate social performance (CSP), we examine the relationship between CSP and corporate financial
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Changes in European Energy Policy in form of liberalisation, sustainability and security of supply measures have profoundly altered the European gas market structure and hence the organisational
Corporate Environmental Reporting Practices: A Comparative Study of Nigerian and South African Firms
vi Table of Content vii List of Tables viii List of Figures ix Appendices x Acronyms and Definitions xi CHAPTER ONE: Introduction 1.0 Background of the Study 1 1.1 Statement of Research Problem 5 1.2
This study investigates the short-term and long-term relationship between corporate social performance (CSP) and corporate financial performance (CFP) throughout UK companies listed on the FTSE4GOOD
The economic foundations of corporate sustainability
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to fill the void of empirical cross‐industry research in the area of corporate sustainability management and its business case.Design/methodology/approach –


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