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Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Law and Markets and the Case of Developing Countries

  title={Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Law and Markets and the Case of Developing Countries},
  author={Antonio Vives},
  journal={Chicago-Kent\} Law Review},
Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility between China and Foreign Countries under the New Situation: Taking Public Health Emergency as the Background
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been proposed until now, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, especially in environmental protection, life and health. More and more
Corporate Social Responsibility in Ukraine
The following thesis is a study of development of CSR policies around the world and in Ukraine in particular. Additionally, the purpose is to make suggestions for positive change in a process of CS
Shareholder Wealth Maximization
The shareholder wealth maximization (SWM) principle states that the immediate operating goal and the ultimate purpose of a public corporation is and should be to maximize return on equity capital.
Looking from a local lens: Inbound tour operators and sustainable tourism in Kenya
Few empirical studies on sustainable tourism take into account the perspective of developing countries' actors. This is even the case in debates about the need to adapt sustainability's definitions
Sustainable operations as a strategy of management of companies, with a review in the field of agriculture
The operation of companies on the domestic or international market implies, a well - organized company whose function is based on efficient business and, on the fiduciary duty of the owner and
  • Hana Horak, Kristijan Poljanec
  • Business, Economics
    InterEULawEast: Journal for the International and European Law, Economics and Market Integrations
  • 2018
Developments in EU Company Law show how EU Company Law has become more than just a set of market-driven rules focusing on overcoming legal barriers in cross-border investment. Non-binding guidelines
The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance via the Mediating Role of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
This study aims to examine the associated relationships between transformational leadership, corporate social responsibility, and organizational performance. A total of 217 questionnaires were
The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment and the Safeguarding of Capital
Introduction Part I. Historical Evolution of Foreign Investment Protection Law: 1. Origins of international investment law 2. 'The dynamic of a politically oriented law': foreign investment