Coronin-1 function is required for phagosome formation.


Coronin-1 is an actin-associated protein whose function in actin dynamics has remained obscure. All coronin proteins have a variable N-terminal domain, followed by WD repeats and a C-terminal coiled-coil dimerization domain. Transfection of coronin-1-GFP into RAW 264.7 cells revealed that coronin rapidly and transiently associates with the phagosome. To… (More)


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@article{Yan2005Coronin1FI, title={Coronin-1 function is required for phagosome formation.}, author={Ming Yan and Richard Collins and Sergio Grinstein and William S. Trimble}, journal={Molecular biology of the cell}, year={2005}, volume={16 7}, pages={3077-87} }