Coronavirus: the first three months as it happened

  title={Coronavirus: the first three months as it happened},
  author={Delin Sun},
  • Delin Sun
  • Published 22 April 2020
  • Geology
  • Nature
Nature recorded major events as the pandemic spread across the globe. Nature recorded major events as the pandemic spread across the globe. 

Was the World Prepared for the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The panic caused by COVID-19 stems from uncertainty about the best methods to deal with the situation, in addition to the growing number of fake news released daily. No country in South America has a

Understanding COVID-19: From Origin to Potential Therapeutics

This review has compiled the up to date information about the origins, evolution, epidemiology, and pathogenesis of this disease and a detailed account of clinical trials of vaccines and other therapeutics currently in progress has been delineated.

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 from a Global Perspective

The world has been waging a fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) since December 2019. The current coronavirus crisis is a catastrophe affecting billions of families worldwide. So far,

How Simulations May Help Us to Understand the Dynamics of COVID‐19 Spread. – Visualizing Non‐Intuitive Behaviours of a Pandemic (pansim.uni‐

The new coronavirus SARS-COV-2 is currently impacting life around the globe 1 . The rapid spread of this viral disease might be highly challenging for health care systems. This was seen in Northern

COVID-19 Pandemic - Clinical Features, Recent Investigations, Diagnosis, Modes of Transmission, and Role of WHO

The clinical features, investigations, WHO declaration of PHEIC, mode of transmission, effective Infection protocol to prevent this virulent infection from expansion and WHO 5 Movements are highlighted.

Wastewater surveillance for population-wide Covid-19: The present and future

  • C. Daughton
  • Medicine
    Science of The Total Environment
  • 2020

Prediction of the COVID-19 epidemic trends based on SEIR and AI models

It was found that if the closure was lifted, the outbreak in non-Wuhan areas of mainland China would double in size and the implementation of control measures on January 23, 2020 was indispensable in reducing the eventual COVID-19 epidemic size.

The COVID-19 Model with Partially Recovered Carriers

Numerical simulations and sensitivity analysis of the basic reproduction number indicate that the disease is mainly driven by parameters involving the partially recovered carriers rather than symptomatic ones, and the model predicted that social distancing and treatment of the symptomatic will slow down the epidemic curve and reduce mortality of COVID-19.

A Study on the Economic Impact and Preventive Measures about Covid-19 in Tamilnadu

This paper represents the COVID-19 Economic impact and pandemic that’s affecting the globe widely and the health, caring and socio-economic policies adopted by countries will control the rate and dilution of the recovery.