Coronary prognostic index for the Chinese.

  • Kam Sang Woo
  • Published 1987 in Australian and New Zealand journal of medicine


A coronary prognostic index (CPI) for the prediction of mortality of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) has been constructed with data from 644 Chinese patients in Hong Kong. According to this CPI, patients with AMI could be divided into subgroups with increasing hospital mortality from 1.6% to 100%, depending on their ages, blood pressure, heart size, serum urea level, positions and types of infarcts, the presence of pulmonary congestion and cardiac dysrhythmia in the initial three days. This simple and convenient CPI could be useful for the objective assessment and stratification of AMI in the Chinese, as well as in many other developing countries in the Asian-Pacific region.

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