Coronary bypass graft fate: long-term angiographic study.

  title={Coronary bypass graft fate: long-term angiographic study.},
  author={Genevieve Fitzgibbon and A Jonathan Leach and Hellmut Kafka and Wilbert J. Keon},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={17 5},
In 222 patients, 741 venous coronary bypass grafts were studied angiographically early, at 1 year and at a late examination at greater than 6.5 years (mean 9.6) after operation; 565 of these grafts were also examined 5 years postoperatively. Grafts were graded for patency and disease considered to be atherosclerotic and for both extent and profile of lesions. Graft occlusion rates increased steadily from 8% early to 20% at 5, 41% at 10 and 45% at greater than 11.5 years after operation. All… CONTINUE READING

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