Coronary atherosclerosis: determinants of plaque rupture.

  title={Coronary atherosclerosis: determinants of plaque rupture.},
  author={M L Gr\onholdt and Soren Dalager-Pedersen and E. Falk},
  journal={European heart journal},
  volume={19 Suppl C},
The most important mechanism responsible for the sudden and unpredictable onset of acute coronary syndromes is coronary plaque rupture with thrombosis and vasospasm superimposed. The risk of plaque rupture depends on plaque type (composition) rather than plaque size (volume); most ruptures occur in plaques containing a soft, lipid-rich core that is covered by a thin and inflamed cap of fibrous tissue. Compared with intact caps, the ruptured ones usually are thinner and contain less collagen… CONTINUE READING
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