Coronary artery calcifications in the long-term follow-up of Kawasaki disease.

  title={Coronary artery calcifications in the long-term follow-up of Kawasaki disease.},
  author={Gul H. Dadlani and Robert L. Gingell and Joseph D Orie and Jean-Michel Roland and Jan S. Najdzionek and Stuart R. Lipsitz and Daniel R. Pieroni and Steven E. Lipshultz},
  journal={American heart journal},
  volume={150 5},
BACKGROUND To determine if detection of coronary artery calcifications in patients with Kawasaki disease may serve as a noninvasive predictor of future coronary artery events. METHODS A prospective, cohort pilot study that included 18 patients with Kawasaki disease > 1 year from the acute disease was performed including 9 patients with coronary abnormalities during the acute illness (Group 1) and 9 without coronary abnormalities (Group 2). Patients were classified by echocardiography as… CONTINUE READING


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