Coronary artery calcification and mortality in diabetic patients with proteinuria.

  title={Coronary artery calcification and mortality in diabetic patients with proteinuria.},
  author={Yi-Wen Chiu and Sharon G. Adler and Matthew J. Budoff and Junichiro Takasu and Jamila Ashai and Rajnish Mehrotra},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={77 12},
Vascular calcification is one of the mechanisms mediating the higher mortality risk associated with the hyperphosphatemia of chronic kidney disease. Though common, and often severe in non-dialyzed proteinuric diabetics, there are no studies on the prognostic significance of coronary artery calcification in early stage type 2 diabetic nephropathy. Here we determine this significance in 225 proteinuric diabetic patients (mean age 57 years, mean estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) 52 ml… CONTINUE READING
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