Coronal laxity in extension in vivo after total knee arthroplasty.

  title={Coronal laxity in extension in vivo after total knee arthroplasty.},
  author={Yoshinori Ishii and Yoshikazu Matsuda and Ryo Ishii and Shigeo Sakata and Go Omori},
  journal={Journal of orthopaedic science : official journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association},
  volume={8 4},
We performed stress arthrometric studies on 77 knees (71 patients) with total knee arthroplasty to determine the presence and magnitude of femoral abduction and adduction in knee extension. A total of 53 knees (49 patients) had posterior cruciate ligament-retaining (PCLR) prostheses, and 24 (22 patients) had PCL-substituting (PCLS) prostheses. The selected patients had successful arthroplasties with no clinical complications a minimum of 5 years after primary surgery. Each patient was subjected… CONTINUE READING

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