Coronal and apical leakage analysis of two different root canal obturation systems.


This study compared the coronal and apical leakage of AH Plus with gutta-percha to that of Epiphany with Resilon. Twenty-four single rooted teeth were instrumented and divided into 2 groups according to the solutions for smear layer removal and the obturation materials employed: Group A - 17% EDTA-T and AH Plus with gutta-percha; Group B - primer and Epiphany with Resilon. The Group B specimens were light-cured in the coronal area for 20 s. The external root surfaces were covered with a double layer of ethyl cyanoacrylate, except for the apical foramen and the cavity access. The teeth were immersed in 0.5% methylene blue for 48 h. The specimens were rinsed, dried and axially split for dye penetration measurement with the ImageLab 2.3 software. The t-test showed no significant differences for coronal leakage between the groups, but there were significant differences for apical leakage between the groups (P < 0.05). AH Plus with gutta-percha and Epiphany with Resilon provided the same coronal seal, whereas Epiphany with Resilon provided the best apical seal.

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