Corona discharge of a vibrated insulating box with granular medium

  title={Corona discharge of a vibrated insulating box with granular medium},
  author={Laurent Schoenau and Tobias Steinpilz and Jens Teiser and Gerhard Wurm},
  journal={Granular Matter},
Corona discharges are luminous signs of strong local electric fields allowing a continuous discharge into the surrounding atmosphere. They commonly occur at the ends of conductors at high voltage. Here we report the observation of a faint glow surrounding an insulating cm-sized box filled with mm-sized basalt beads. At an ambient pressure in the mbar range two light bands occur as soon as and only if the box is vibrated and only if it is filled with a granular medium. In addition, a glow also… 

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Violation of triboelectric charge conservation on colliding particles.

In microgravity experiments, the net charge on systems of two identical, 434-μm-diameter glass spheres before and after a collision is quantified and it is found that charge conservation is significantly violated.

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The damaging effects of corona faults have made them a major concern in metal-clad switchgear, requiring extreme caution during operation. Corona faults are also the primary cause of flashovers in

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Modeling the formation of electrostatic discharges on Mars

[1] Mars' low atmospheric pressure and arid, windy climate provide an environment that supports the triboelectric charging of dust. A laboratory experiment has been performed to demonstrate that the

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Lightning is often observed during explosive volcanic eruptions, and the charging processes associated with these displays have been attributed to several mechanisms. In this work we delineate a set

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We recorded volcanic lightning generated by Vulcanian explosions at Sakurajima Volcano using a synchronized multiparametric array. Physical properties of lightning are related to plume dynamics, and

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Any rotorcraft on Mars will fly in a low-pressure and dusty environment. It is well known that helicopters on Earth become highly charged due, in part, to triboelectric effects when flying in sandy

Self-charging of identical grains in the absence of an external field

A mathematical Turing model is proposed that defines conditions for exponential charging to occur and provides insights into the mechanisms involved, and the predicted exponential growth in experiments using vibrated grains under microgravity is confirmed.

Electrical Breakdown Caused by Dust Motion in Low-Pressure Atmospheres: Considerations for Mars

Martian dust storms may reduce the atmospheric conductivity by capturing fast ions on particles, and, by electrifying, may cause discharges in the relatively low pressure atmosphere.

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Static electrification is among the earliest of the sciences, well known to us all and with widespread and important consequences. Yet, its most basic foundations remain poorly understood. For