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What makes an article citable?
To date, no research has been undertaken to examine what constitutes high citation counts. This study examined the quantifiable characteristics in publications and investigated their associations
Chefs’ perspectives of failures in foodservice kitchens, part 1: A phenomenological exploration of the concepts, types, and causes of food production failure
ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept, types, and causes of food production failure (FPF) in restaurant kitchens from the perspective of chefs. Employing a phenomenological
Employability Skills Needed in Hospitality Industry: A Scopious Review
Aim: The purposes of the study were to explain the concept of employability, define employability skills in the context of the hospitality industry, Identify the various employability skills needed
Destination marketing organization website visitors’ flow experience: an application of Plog’s model of personality
ABSTRACT This study investigates the relationships among website features (i.e. informativeness, design, and interactivity), flow experience, and the user’s intention to seek and use travel
An Examination of Management Competencies in Hospitality Higher Education: An Eastern Culture Context
The competency-based approach to curriculum design has received much attention, particularly in the context of hospitality higher education. However, in order for the competency-based approach to
Culinary Industry Practitioners’ and Educators’ Perceptions of Core Competencies for a 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree in the Culinary Arts
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to survey practitioners and educators to rank their perception of the importance of culinary manager trainee competencies to prepare students for an entry-level
Analyses of customer dissatisfiers in hotel online reviews and the consequences of customer dissatisfaction
This thesis is protected by copyright, with all rights reserved. By reading and using the thesis, the reader understands and agrees to the following terms: 1. The reader will abide by the rules and
Firms adaptation to environmental turbulence: The case of the Libyan tourism sector
The dramatic wave of political upheaval that has swept North Africa and the Middle East in recent years has brought about great political unrest, following a noticeable decline in the tourism
A Reexamination of Current Hotel Valuation Techniques – Which Approach is More Realistic?
This study revisits the issue of accuracy in contemporary hotel valuation. Along with the hotel valuation techniques used by Rushmore (1992) and Chen and Kim (2010), this study uses the cost approach