Corneal stromal penetration of topical ciprofloxacin in humans.

  title={Corneal stromal penetration of topical ciprofloxacin in humans.},
  author={Mark L McDermott and Tuan Diep Tran and John W. Cowden and Christopher J L Bugg{\'e}},
  volume={100 2},
PURPOSE Use of fluoroquinolone agents as single drug treatment for severe bacterial keratitis requires that adequate stromal drug concentrations are achievable that exceed the MIC90 for common corneal pathogens. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to document the human stromal penetration of the fluoroquinolone, ciprofloxacin, in human tissue obtained from patients undergoing penetrating keratoplasty. METHODS Twelve patients, all with intact corneal epithelia, received 0.3% ciprofloxacin… CONTINUE READING

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