Corneal squamous cell carcinoma in a Border Collie.

  title={Corneal squamous cell carcinoma in a Border Collie.},
  author={Claudia Busse and Jane Sansom and Richard Redd Dubielzig and Alison Hayes},
  journal={Veterinary ophthalmology},
  volume={11 1},
A 6-year-old, female, spayed Border Collie was presented to the Unit of Comparative Ophthalmology at the Animal Health Trust with a 6-month history of a progressive nonpainful opacity of the left cornea. A keratectomy was performed and the tissue submitted for histopathology. The diagnosis was squamous cell carcinoma. There has been no recurrence of the neoplasm to date (5 months). Canine corneal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) has not been reported previously in the UK.