Corneal complications from herpes zoster ophthalmicus.

  title={Corneal complications from herpes zoster ophthalmicus.},
  author={Thomas J. Liesegang},
  volume={92 3},
Of 94 patients with acute herpes zoster ophthalmicus who were seen during a six-year period, 61 had corneal involvement. The corneal complications in the order of chronological clinical occurrence were punctate epithelial keratitis in 51%, early pseudodendrites in 51%, anterior stromal infiltrates in 41%, sclerokeratitis in 1%, kerato-uveitis/endothelitis in 34%, serpiginous ulceration in 7%, delayed corneal mucous plaques in 13%, disciform keratitis in 10%, neurotrophic keratitis in 25%, and… CONTINUE READING


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