Cormorant Fishing in Southwestern China: A Traditional Fishery Under Siege*

  title={Cormorant Fishing in Southwestern China: A Traditional Fishery Under Siege*},
  author={Maya Manzi and Oliver T. Coomes},
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An important legacy of China's historical isolation is the persistence of traditional practices in the use of natural resources. The Cultural Revolution and, more recently, dramatic economic growth and structural change as China integrates into world markets have brought about marked changes in how rural people make their living and relate to their environment. We report, in this note, on the imminent demise of the traditional cormorant fishery in Lake Erhai, one of country's largest highland… 
Cover Essay: Taoism’s Ecological Wisdom and the Flight of the Cormorant
The image on this cover is reminded of the ancient practice of fishing with cormorants that is still, famously, pursued in China’s largest highland lake, Lake Erhai, in the subtropical southwest, and of the search for Utopia, which is a theme repeated through human history in the West.
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Interview with Maya Manzi
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Cormorant Fishing in Southwest China: A Traditional Fishery under Siege
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