Coriolis effects are principally caused by gyroscopic angular acceleration.

  title={Coriolis effects are principally caused by gyroscopic angular acceleration.},
  author={Naoki Isu and Makoto Yanagihara and Takayasu Mikuni and Ja-won Koo},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
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A cause of nausea evoked by cross-coupled rotation (termed Coriolis stimulus) was determined. Subjects were provided with two types of cross-coupled rotations: neck-forward flexion (Neck Flx) and upper body-forward flexion (Body Flx) during horizontal whole body rotation at a constant angular velocity. These Coriolis stimuli were given alternatively in an experimental sequence, and the severity of the nausea they evoked was compared by the subjects. The results indicated that the same quality… CONTINUE READING