Coreference in Child Russian : Distinguishing Syntactic and Discourse Constraints

  title={Coreference in Child Russian : Distinguishing Syntactic and Discourse Constraints},
  author={Nina Kazanina and Colin Phillips},
(1R) Poka Poohi chital knigu, oni s'el yabloko. while Pooh was reading.imp the book he ate.perf the apple (2R) Poohi s'el yabloko, poka oni chital knigu. Pooh ate.perf the apple while he was reading.imp the book (3R) * Oni s'el yabloko, poka Poohi chital knigu. he ate.perf the apple while Pooh was reading.imp the book (4R) * Poka oni chital knigu, Poohi s'el yabloko. while he was reading.imp the book Pooh ate.perf the apple 

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