Core thermal-hydraulic evaluation of a heat pipe cooled nuclear reactor

  title={Core thermal-hydraulic evaluation of a heat pipe cooled nuclear reactor},
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Design and verification of ultra-high temperature lithium heat pipe based experimental facility

Lithium heat pipe has broad applications in heat pipe cooled reactors and hypersonic vehicles due to its ultra-high working temperature which is around 1700 K. In this paper, a lithium heat pipe

The Super Thermal Conductivity Model for High-Temperature Heat Pipe Applied to Heat Pipe Cooled Reactor

Differing from the traditional Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), heat pipe cooled reactor adopts the high-temperature heat pipes to transport fission heat generated in the reactor core. Therefore, the

Preliminary Design of a Heat Pipe-Cooled Blanket for CFETR

Blankets are a difficult problem for fusion engineering design. Because of the complex flow channels, the design, production, processing, and accident maintenance of blankets are all huge challenges

Analysis on heat transfer and start-up performance of mercury heat pipe

Mercury heat pipe has the advantages of good thermal stability and low saturated vapor pressure, which is the best choice for the transition from water heat pipe to liquid metal heat pipe. The

The role of advanced nuclear reactors in non-electrical and strategic applications, producing sustainable energy supplies and reducing the greenhouse gasses

Abstract Nowadays, nuclear reactors became extremely fascinating not only for most of the nuclear communities but also for the prominent energy suppliers to fix the global warming effects worldwide.



Calculation of Operating Parameters for HP-STMCs Space Nuclear Reactor Heat Pipes

The steady-state operating parameters of the reactor lithium heat pipes and thermal radiator potassium heat pipes were calculated by using SNPS-HPD code for HP-STMCs space nuclear reactor power

Sodium heat pipe module test for the SAFE-30 reactor prototype

Reliable, long-life, low-cost heat pipes can enable safe, affordable space fission power and propulsion systems. Advanced versions of these systems can in turn allow rapid access to any point in the

Conceptual Design of HP-STMCs Space Reactor Power System for 110 kWe

A conceptual design of a Heat Pipe‐Segmented Thermoelectric Module Converters (HP‐STMCs) space reactor power system (SRPS) for a net power of 110 kWe is developed. The parametric analysis changed the

Performance Analysis of Potassium Heat Pipes Radiator for HP‐STMCs Space Reactor Power System

A detailed design and performance results of C‐C finned, and armored potassium heat pipes radiator for a 110 kWe Heat Pipes‐Segmented Thermoelectric Module Converters (HP‐STMCs) Space Reactor Power

Alkali Metal Thermoelectric Conversion (AMTEC) for space nuclear power systems

Performance parameters of the Alkali Metal Thermoelectric Converter (AMTEC) for a 100 kW electric power system have been calculated at four technological levels assuming a heat pipe-cooled nuclear