Core impurity transport in Alcator C-Mod L-, I- and H-mode plasmas

  title={Core impurity transport in Alcator C-Mod L-, I- and H-mode plasmas},
  author={John Ernest Rice and Matthew L Reinke and Cun-fa Gao and Nathan T. Howard and Mark Chilenski and L. F. Delgado-Aparicio and Robert S. Granetz and Martin Greenwald and Alan E. Hubbard and Jerry Hughes and James H. Irby and Yi-bing Lin and Earl S. Marmar and Robert Thomas Mumgaard and Stacey D. Scott and James L. Terry and John Walk and An Esri White and Dennis G. Whyte and Sidney M. Wolfe and Stephen James Wukitch},
Core impurity transport has been investigated for a variety of confinement regimes in Alcator C-Mod plasmas from x-ray emission following injection of medium and high Z materials. In ohmic L-mode discharges, impurity transport is anomalous (Deff ≫ Dnc) and changes very little across the LOC/SOC boundary. In ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) heated L-mode plasmas, the core impurity confinement time decreases with increasing ICRF input power (and subsequent increasing electron temperature… CONTINUE READING


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