Core Formation in High-z Massive Haloes: Heating by Post Compaction Satellites and Response to AGN Outflows

  title={Core Formation in High-z Massive Haloes: Heating by Post Compaction Satellites and Response to AGN Outflows},
  author={Avishai Dekel and Jonathan Freundlich and Fangzhou Jiang and Sharon Lapiner and Andreas Burkert and Daniel Ceverino and Xiaolong Du and Reinhard Genzel and Joel R. Primack},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Observed rotation curves in star-forming galaxies indicate a puzzling dearth of dark matter in extended flat cores within haloes of mass ≥1012M⊙ at z ∼ 2. This is not reproduced by current cosmological simulations, and supernova-driven outflows are not effective in such massive haloes. We address a hybrid scenario where post-compaction merging satellites heat up the dark-matter cusps by dynamical friction, allowing AGN-driven outflows to generate cores. Using analytic and semi-analytic models… 


2020b),9 following a more general math
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2014), the starformation rates, gas fractions, and stellar-to-halo mass ratio are all in the ballpark of the estimates deduced from observations
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Cores by dynamical friction and AGN
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2020a)11 presents a simple analytic
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The orbit, and the effects of dynamical friction and tidal stripping, depend in addition on Vin, which for Mv ∼ 1012M at z ∼ 2 is roughly Vin/Vv
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2020a), the model has been tested against NIHAO cosmological zoom-in simulations, where it successfully predicts the evolution of the inner DM profile between successive snapshots
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2020a) for more details, and to Freundlich, Dekel & Jiang (2019) for a brief presentation of the model. APPENDIX F: A SATELLITE WITH CENTRAL BARYONS
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