Corannulenylferrocenes: towards a 1D, non-covalent metal-organic nanowire.


A class of novel corannulene-derived ferrocene donor-acceptor systems has been synthesized by straight-forward Negishi-type coupling of iodocorannulene. Their solid state structures have been studied crystallographically and found to exhibit unique inter- and intramolecular slipped stacking interactions. 
DOI: 10.1039/c2cc32275g


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@article{Topolinski2012CorannulenylferrocenesTA, title={Corannulenylferrocenes: towards a 1D, non-covalent metal-organic nanowire.}, author={Berit Topolinski and Bernd M Schmidt and Michael Kathan and Sergej I Troyanov and Dieter Lentz}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2012}, volume={48 50}, pages={6298-300} }