Coralliophilinae (Gastropoda: Muricidae) associated with deep-water coral banks in the Mediterranean

  title={Coralliophilinae (Gastropoda: Muricidae) associated with deep-water coral banks in the Mediterranean},
  author={Mario Taviani and Lorenzo Angeletti and Mark Dimech and Constantine Mifsud and Andr{\'e} Freiwald and M. G. Harasewych and Marco Oliverio},
Fisheries and scientific investigations of the recently discovered deep-water coral province south of Malta sampled living specimens of two deep-water Coralliophilinae intimately associated with Lophelia-Madrepora coral banks. The species are “Coralliophila” richardi (Fischer P., 1882) and Babelomurex sentix (Bayer, 1971). A third coralliophilinid “Coralliophila” squamosa (Bivona Ant. in Bivona And., 1838: deep-water morphotype) has been also observed alive close to deep-water corals at the… CONTINUE READING

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