Coral mucus-associated bacterial communities from natural and aquarium environments.

  title={Coral mucus-associated bacterial communities from natural and aquarium environments.},
  author={Netta Kooperman and Eitan Ben-Dov and Esti Kramarsky-winter and Zeev Barak and Ariel Kushmaro},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={276 1},
The microbial biota dwelling in the mucus, on the surface, and in the tissues of many coral species may have an important role in holobiont physiology and health. This microbiota differs with coral species, water depth, and geographic location. Here we compare the surface mucus microbiota of the coral Fungia granulosa from the natural environment with that from individuals maintained in aquaria. Molecular analysis revealed that the microbial community of the mucus microlayer of the coral F… CONTINUE READING

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