Coracoid tendon transposition a.m. Bristow-Latarjet.

  title={Coracoid tendon transposition a.m. Bristow-Latarjet.},
  author={P. K. A. Jalovaara and T. J. Niinim{\"a}ki and J R{\"a}m{\"o} and Ralf V. Lindholm},
  journal={Annales chirurgiae et gynaecologiae},
  volume={77 3},
Twenty-three shoulders on which a Bristow-Latarjet operation had been performed on account of anterior glenohumeral instability were followed up for an average of 24 months (range 15-36). The series consisted of 12 recurrent dislocations, 5 chronic subluxations + 3 with occasional dislocations, and 3 anterior + inferior (multidirectional) subluxations. Four shoulders were classified as poor at follow-up. The reason for failure was excessively proximal attachment of the coracoid transplant in… CONTINUE READING

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