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Copying quantum computer makes NP-complete problems tractable

  title={Copying quantum computer makes NP-complete problems tractable},
  author={M. Hirvensalo},
Under the assumption that a quantum computer can exactly copy quantum superpositions, we show that NP-complete problems can be solved probabilistically in polynomial time. We also propose two methods that could potentially allow to avoid the use of a quantum copymachine. Supported by the Academy of Finland under grant 14047. To be presented at MCU'98, March 1998, Metz, France. TUCS Research Group Theory Group: Mathematical Methods in Computer Science 
Designing emergence : automatic extraction of stigmergic algorithms from lattice structures
In an attempt to address the motivation which inspired the original work, a novel process is presented, which allows the automatic generation of stigmergic algorithms from arbitrary existing structures, and a new algorithm is presented which reduces the complexity of a stigMERgic rule set. Expand
An Indexed Bibliography of Genetic Algorithms & Quantum Computing
An Indexed Bibliography of Genetic Algorithms Theory and Comparisons


Quantum Circuit Complexity
  • A. Yao
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • FOCS
  • 1993
It is shown that any function computable in polynomial time by a quantum Turing machine has aPolynomial-size quantum circuit, and this result enables us to construct a universal quantum computer which can simulate a broader class of quantum machines than that considered by E. Bernstein and U. Vazirani (1993), thus answering an open question raised by them. Expand
On Quantum Computation
As early as 1982 Richard P. Feynman suggested that it might be impossible to simulate quantum mechanical phenomena with a computer without an exponential slowdown in the efficiency of computation. HeExpand
Algorithms for Quantum Computation: Discrete Log and Factoring (Extended Abstract)
  • P. Shor
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • FOCS 1994
  • 1994
This paper gives algorithms for the discrete log and the factoring problems that take random polynomial time on a quantum computer (thus giving the rst examples of quantum cryptanalysis).
A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search
In early 1994, it was demonstrated that a quantum mechanical computer could efficiently solve a well-known problem for which there was no known efficient algorithm using classical computers, i.e. testing whether or not a given integer, N, is prime, in a time which is a finite power of o (logN) . Expand
Universal Optimal Cloning of Qubits and Quantum Registers
The machine which universally clones states of quantum objects in arbitrary-dimensional Hilbert spaces is presented, and universal cloning of quantum registers is discussed. Expand
Simulating physics with computers
On the program it says this is a keynote speech--and I don't know what a keynote speech is. I do not intend in any way to suggest what should be in this meeting as a keynote of the subjects orExpand
The Reversibility in Quantum Computation Theory
A trucktrailer turntable locking apparatus mounted on a tractor or trailer dolly frame is described in which at least one locking bar hinged on a cross frame member of the tractor or dolly frame isExpand
Grover: A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database
  • Philadelphia PA USA,
  • 1996
Oracle Quantum Compu- tation
  • Proceedings of the Workshop on Physics and Computation - PhysComp'92,
  • 1992
On Quantum Computation, Licentiate's Thesis
  • On Quantum Computation, Licentiate's Thesis
  • 1997