Copying identity

  title={Copying identity},
  author={Yoshihisa Kitagawa},
  journal={Natural Language \& Linguistic Theory},
This paper re-examines the relevance of the Derived VP Rule in dealing with the availability of sloppy and strict identity interpretations in VP Ellipisis. It will be argued that incorporating the familiar Binding Theory into grammar along with an LF rule of copying will permit us not only to obtain most of the virtues of the Derived VP Rule, but also to overcome some of the difficulties it encounters in the analysis of VP Ellipsis. 

Title On the Lack of VP-ellipsis in Japanese and Its Ramifications in a Cross-linguistic Perspective

In this article, I will make a point that the lack of VP-ellipsis in Japanese, both genuine and in-disguise, can receive natural accounts on the assumption that the language in question employs overt

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