Copycats: Anschütz Chronophotographs as Direct Source Material for Early Edison Kinetoscope Films

  title={Copycats: Ansch{\"u}tz Chronophotographs as Direct Source Material for Early Edison Kinetoscope Films},
  author={Deac Rossell},
  journal={Film History: An International Journal},
  pages={142 - 172}
  • Deac Rossell
  • Published 12 August 2016
  • Art
  • Film History: An International Journal
ABSTRACT:This article presents new research describing the direct influence of the entertainment disks made by Ottomar Anschütz for public use in his Schnellseher moving-picture device on the kinetoscope films made at Thomas Edison’s West Orange laboratory. These include Edison’s creation of a direct copy of an 1890 Anschütz production in The Barber Shop (1893) and an imitation of another Anschütz production in Fred Ott’s Sneeze (1891). In making these connections between the first two moving… 
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