Copy number variation at 1q21.1 associated with neuroblastoma

  title={Copy number variation at 1q21.1 associated with neuroblastoma},
  author={Sharon J. Diskin and Cuiping Hou and Joseph T. Glessner and Edward F. Attiyeh and Marci Laudenslager and Kristopher R. Bosse and Kristina A. Cole and Ya{\"e}l P. Moss{\'e} and Andrew Wood and Jill E. Lynch and Katlyn Pecor and Maura A. Diamond and Cynthia Winter and Kai Wang and Cecilia Kim and Elizabeth A. Geiger and Patrick W. McGrady and Alexandra I. F. Blakemore and Wendy B London and Tamim H. Shaikh and Jonathan P. Bradfield and Struan F. A. Grant and Hongzhe Li and Marcella Devoto and E. Rappaport and Hakon Hakonarson and John M. Maris},
Common copy number variations (CNVs) represent a significant source of genetic diversity, yet their influence on phenotypic variability, including disease susceptibility, remains poorly understood. To address this problem in human cancer, we performed a genome-wide association study of CNVs in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, a disease in which single nucleotide polymorphism variations are known to influence susceptibility. We first genotyped 846 Caucasian neuroblastoma patients and 803… CONTINUE READING
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