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Coprology and Caste : the Status of Sewerage in Ahmedabad

  title={Coprology and Caste : the Status of Sewerage in Ahmedabad},
  author={Stephanie Tam},
This paper traces the relationship between the development of Ahmedabad’s sewerage system and the caste structure, examining how sanitation technology threatened caste politics, as well as how the caste system modified the way sewers were used and maintained. It looks at how sewers came to be understood as markers of legitimacy, sophistication, and moral citizenship through the notion of the “civic sense”, and how that notion changed over time. Focusing on the evolving role of Bhangis… 



Cities, sewers and poverty: India's politics of sanitation

This paper discusses the political circumstances which help explain why the insanitary living conditions of such a large section of India’s urban population have been ignored, and contrasts these

Journeys to Freedom: Dalit Narratives

Contents: Preface Introduction Ambedkarites of Junagadh and Bharuch Christians of Central Gujarat Conversion and the Collapse of a Social Order Vankar Mill Workers Rohit Struggles in Sabarkantha

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