Copper toxicity and chemistry in the environment: a review

  title={Copper toxicity and chemistry in the environment: a review},
  author={C. Flemming and J. Trevors},
  journal={Water, Air, and Soil Pollution},
Copper compounds have been widely used in industrial processes and agriculture. As a result, elevated Cu concentrations can be found in certain areas of the biosphere. To better understand the toxicity of Cu to organisms it is necessary to understand the mechanism by which Cu influences biological and chemical processes in the environment. This review will examine Cu toxicity, microbial resistance mechanisms and factors influencing Cu speciation and toxicity in the environment 
The potential exposure and hazards of copper nanoparticles: A review.
  • T. Ameh, C. Sayes
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Environmental toxicology and pharmacology
  • 2019
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