Copper distribution within and between newborn livers.

  title={Copper distribution within and between newborn livers.},
  author={Giacomo Diaz and Gavino Faa and Anna Maria Giulia Farci and Angelo Balestrieri and Claudia Liguori and Vassiliki Costa},
  journal={Journal of trace elements and electrolytes in health and disease},
  volume={4 2},
Copper concentration was determined in different liver samples (blocks, needle biopsy and bile) obtained from 9 newborns and 3 infants at autopsy. Tissue blocks, sampled at ten equally spaced intervals between the left and the right lobe, revealed in newborns high copper concentrations, ranging from 93 to 335 mg/Kg of dry tissue with an upward trend from the right to the left lobe. The situation differed in infants where a lower and more evenly distributed copper content, ranging from 49 to 123… CONTINUE READING

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