Copper contact metallization for 22 nm and beyond

  title={Copper contact metallization for 22 nm and beyond},
  author={Soon-Cheon Seo and Chih-Chao Yang and Chun-Chen Yeh and Bala Haran and Daniel Hor{\'a}k and Susan S.-C. Fan and Charles Koburger and Donald F. Canaperi and Satyavolu S. Papa rao and Frederic Monsieur and Andreas Knorr and Andreas Kerber and Chao-Kun Hu and John Paul Kelly and Tuan Anh Vo and Jason Cummings and Matthew Smalleya and Karen E. Petrillo and Sanjay Mehta and Stefan Schmitz and Theodore Levin and Dae-Guy Park and James H. Stathis and Terry A. Spooner and Vamsi K. Paruchuri and Jean E. Wynne and Daniel C. Edelstein and Dale C. Mcherron and Bruce B. Doris},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference},
We used Cu contact metallization to solve one of the critical challenges for 22 nm node technology. Cu contact metallization allowed us to demonstrate world's smallest and fully functional 22 nm node 6T-SRAM [1]. Cu contact metallization was executed using CVD Ru-containing liner. We obtained early reliability data by thermally stressing bulk device. Bulk device parameters such as junction and gate leakage currents and overlap capacitance were stable after BEOL anneal stress. We also… CONTINUE READING