Copper-catalyzed C-H oxidation/cross-coupling of α-amino carbonyl compounds.

  title={Copper-catalyzed C-H oxidation/cross-coupling of α-amino carbonyl compounds.},
  author={Ji-Cheng Wu and Ren-Jie Song and Zhi-Qiang Wang and Xiao-Cheng Huang and Ye-Xiang Xie and Jin-Heng Li},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={51 14},
Keeping options open: the new and mild title reaction involving indoles selectively furnishes 1 and 2 with the aid of tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP). The method represents the first example of a copper-catalyzed α arylation of α-amino carbonyl substrates leading to α-aryl α-imino and α-aryl α-oxo carbonyl compounds using a C-H oxidation strategy. 
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