Copper bromide laser treatment of facial telangiectasia: results of patients treated over five years.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Various yellow light lasers have been used over the past decade in an attempt to eradicate facial telangiectasia. Based on their power output, spot size, and pulsing characteristics, these lasers belong to one of two categories that exist at either end of a spectrum--high power, short pulse, and large spot size, or low power, long exposure, and small spot size. The copper bromide laser clearly belongs in the latter group, but with higher available power than most other lasers in this group, it exists further along the spectrum toward the region in which the laser parameters might be considered closer to theoretical ideals for treating certain cutaneous vascular pathologies. The objective of this study was to ascertain the role and efficacy of the copper bromide laser on treatment of a variety of facial telangiectasia. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 570 patients with facial telangiectasia of different diameters and on different regions of the face were treated with the copper bromide laser one or more times and followed up over 5 years. RESULTS More than 75% clearance was achieved in 70% patients, 50-75% clearance in 17.4% patients, and < 50% clearance in 12.6% patients. Poor results were correlated with anatomical location on the nasal alae and nasal tip and also with vessel size. Very small (< 100 microns) and very large (> 300 microns) vessels did not respond as well as vessels in the 100-300-micron diameter group. Very large vessels responded better to a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatment. There were no reported long-term adverse effects. CONCLUSION The copper bromide laser is a safe and effective modality for the treatment of the majority of facial telangiectasia. It is less suited to treating very small vessel lesions such as diffuse erythema, and conversely very large vessels as well as those of the nasal alae. These latter two groups respond better and more permanently to combined sclerotherapy and laser treatment.


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