Copper-Stabilized Sulfur-Microporous Carbon Cathodes for Li – S Batteries

  title={Copper-Stabilized Sulfur-Microporous Carbon Cathodes for Li – S Batteries},
  author={Shiyou Zheng and Feng Yi and Zhipeng Li and Yujie Zhu and Yunhua Xu and Chao Luo and Junhe Yang and Chunsheng Wang},
} interact with two Li atoms per S atom, the S cathode can provide reversible high capacity of 1675 mAh g -1 at average potentials of 2.0 V, [ 1–3 ] which is 10× higher energy density than that of classical commercial LiCoO 2 cathode. Since the capacity of current LiCoO 2 -graphite Li-ion battery is controlled by LiCoO 2 cathode, replacement of expensive LiCoO 2 with cheap S will largely enhance the battery energy density. However, the S cathodes are still suffering from… CONTINUE READING
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