Copper, lysyl oxidase, and extracellular matrix protein cross-linking.

  title={Copper, lysyl oxidase, and extracellular matrix protein cross-linking.},
  author={Robert B. Rucker and T Kosonen and Michael S. Clegg and Alyson E Mitchell and B R Rucker and Janet Y. Uriu-Hare and Carl L. Keen},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={67 5 Suppl},
Protein-lysine 6-oxidase (lysyl oxidase) is a cuproenzyme that is essential for stabilization of extracellular matrixes, specifically the enzymatic cross-linking of collagen and elastin. A hypothesis is proposed that links dietary copper levels to dynamic and proportional changes in lysyl oxidase activity in connective tissue. Although nutritional copper status does not influence the accumulation of lysyl oxidase as protein or lysyl oxidase steady state messenger RNA concentrations, the direct… CONTINUE READING