Copernicus' Relation to Aristarchus and Pythagoras

  title={Copernicus' Relation to Aristarchus and Pythagoras},
  author={Thomas W. Africa},
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FEW would question the existence of the Copernican Revolution for good or ill, but Copernicus was no revolutionary' and fancied himself the restorer of ancient wisdom, rather than the discoverer of a new astronomy. Whatever his thesis meant to others, he saw it as the foundation of a Pythagorean Restoration. In this spirit, Kepler alluded to Pythagoras as "the grandfather of all Copernicans;"2 and Galileo remarked that the Papal Edict of 1616 had imposed "a seasonable silence upon the… 
In this work, first, I reexamine the pyrocentric universe of the Pythagorean, Phi- lolaus, who emphatically propounded that the center of the cosmos is neither the earth nor the sun, but a central
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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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Modelagem causal da astronomia antiga


Neoplatonism is explicit in Copernicus' attitude toward both the sun and mathematical simplicity. It is an essential element in the intellectual climate that gave birth to his vision of the universe
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Prowe, I (pt. 1), 260; II, 129. 49Luceram mundi, alii mentem (mundi), alii rectorem (mundi) are Latin paraphrases of expressions of Hermes Trismegistus, available to Copernicus through Stobaeus
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