Coordination of the leg muscles in backlift and leglift.

  title={Coordination of the leg muscles in backlift and leglift.},
  author={Huub M. Toussaint and C E van Baar and P P van Langen and Michiel P. de Looze and Jaap H van Die{\"e}n},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={25 11},
Net joint moments are often used to quantify the loading of structures (e.g. the intervertebral disc at L5S1) during lifting. This quantification method is also used to evaluate the loading of the knee, for instance, to determine the effect of backlifting as opposed to leglifting. However, the true loading of the joint as derived from net joint moments can be obscured by a possible co-contraction of antagonists. To unravel the mechanisms that determine the net joint moments in the knee, the… CONTINUE READING
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