Coordination of cough and swallow: a meta-behavioral response to aspiration.

  title={Coordination of cough and swallow: a meta-behavioral response to aspiration.},
  author={Teresa Pitts and Melanie J. Rose and Ashley N Mortensen and Ivan Polia{\vc}ek and Christine M Sapienza and B. G. Lindsey and K. F. Morris and Paul W. Davenport and Donald C. Bolser},
  journal={Respiratory physiology & neurobiology},
  volume={189 3},
Airway protections is the prevention and/or removal of material by behaviors such as cough and swallow. We hypothesized these behaviors are coordinated to respond to aspiration. Anesthetized animals were challenged with simulated aspiration that induced both coughing and swallowing. Electromyograms of upper airway and respiratory muscles together with esophageal pressure were recorded to identify and evaluate cough and swallow. During simulated aspiration, both cough and swallow intensity… CONTINUE READING

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