Coordinated regulation of AIB1 transcriptional activity by sumoylation and phosphorylation.

  title={Coordinated regulation of AIB1 transcriptional activity by sumoylation and phosphorylation.},
  author={Huijian Wu and Luyang Sun and Ying Zhang and Y. B. Chen and Bin Shi and Ruifang Li and Yan Wang and Jing Liang and Dongwei Fan and Ge Wu and Dan Wang and Shaosi Li and Yongfeng Shang},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={281 31},
AIB1, a member of the steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) family that participates in gene transcriptional activation by nuclear receptors and other transcription factors, is required for animal growth and reproductive development and implicated in breast carcinogenesis. The mechanisms underlying the AIB1 pleiotropic functions are not fully understood and neither is the regulation of its activity. Here, we showed that AIB1 was a sumoylated protein and the sumoylation attenuated the… CONTINUE READING


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Regulation of AIB1 by Sumoylation and Phosphorylation

  • D. Girdwood, D. Bumpass, O. A. Vaughan, A. Thain, L. A. Anderson
  • AUGUST 4,
  • 2006
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