Coordinated expression of ncRNAs and HOX mRNAs in the human HOXA locus.

  title={Coordinated expression of ncRNAs and HOX mRNAs in the human HOXA locus.},
  author={Yasnory T F Sasaki and Miho Sano and Taishin Kin and Kiyoshi Asai and Tetsuro Hirose},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={357 3},
In the human HOXA locus a number of ncRNAs are transcribed from the intergenic regions in the opposite direction to HOXA mRNAs. We observed that the genomic organization of genes for the ncRNAs and HOXA proteins is highly conserved between human and mouse. We examined the expression profiles of these ncRNAs and HOXA mRNAs in various human tissues. The expression patterns of ncRNAs in human tissues coincide with those of the adjacent HOXA mRNAs that are collinearly expressed along the… CONTINUE READING

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