Coordinated control paradigm for hydraulic excavator with haptic device

  title={Coordinated control paradigm for hydraulic excavator with haptic device},
  author={Federico Morosi and Marco Rossoni and Giandomenico Caruso},
  journal={Automation in Construction},

Configuring a VR simulator for the evaluation of advanced human–machine interfaces for hydraulic excavators

The results show how the immersive set-up improves the users’ efficiency and ergonomics without putting any extra mental or physical effort on them, while the preferred haptic feedback is not the more efficient one (shaker).

Design and Analysis of New Haptic Joysticks for Enhancing Operational Skills in Excavator Control

The haptic joystick aims to render high-fidelity kinesthetic feedback that can help to mitigate the operator error in loading operations and showed an improvement in the volume of material removed and a significant drop in error rate related to force patterns and collisions.

Improving Efficiency and Safety in Teleoperated Robotic Manipulators using Motion Scaling and Force Feedback

  • Yongmin ChoFrank L. Hammond
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2020 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)
  • 2020
A bench-top Teleoperated Motion Scaling Robotic Arm platform that allows the human operator to control the motion-mapping rate between the master (haptic console) and slave (robotic excavator) devices, while also providing force feedback and virtual safety functions to help prevent excessive force application by the slave device is designed.

Preliminary Experimental Research on the Influence of Counterbalance Valves on the Operation of a Heavy Hydraulic Manipulator during Long-Range Straight-Line Movement

The effective use of robotic manipulators is particularly important when carrying out hazardous tasks. Often, for this type of mission, manipulators equipped with a hydraulic drive system are used,

Challenges, tasks, and opportunities in teleoperation of excavator toward human-in-the-loop construction automation

Teleoperation stands for operating a system, machine, or robot from a distance. Teleoperation has been widely adopted as a promising way to enhance worker safety in extreme and hazardous construction

Conceptual Design and Evaluation of Windshield Displays for Excavators

This paper investigates the possible visualization using transparent displays, which could be placed on the excavator’s windshield, without fully obstructing their view, so that excavator operators could acquire the supportive information provided by the machine without diverting their attention from operational areas.

A Dual-Power Coordinated Control for Swing System of Hydraulic-Electric Hybrid Excavator

The results show that compared with the original negative flow swing system, the proposed system can effectively suppress the anti-swing phenomenon, and the operation is more accurate and stable.

Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Vibration Characteristics of Rotary Platform of Hydraulic Excavator under Complex Working Conditions

The rotary platform is the load-bearing substrate of a hydraulic excavator. The dynamic characteristics of the rotary platform directly affect the reliability and safety of the whole machine of a



Remote control of excavator with designed haptic device

The number of dismantling sites for buildings has been rapidly increased and these processes are very dangerous. So many research papers have been published addressing the development of a remote

Comparison of human-machine interfaces designed for novices teleoperating multi-DOF hydraulic manipulators

This paper outlines a novel coordinated control scheme and shows that coordinated position control is feasible for slow and/or large-workspace manipulators and discusses the results of these two coordinated control modes with and without haptics on operator task completion time.

The virtual environment for force-feedback experiment of excavator using a novel designed haptic device

ABSTRACT: This paper describes an approach force-feedback of excavator which is considered for tele-operation using a novel designed haptic device in virtual environment. This study has two main

A Haptically Enhanced Operational Concept for a Hydraulic Excavator

In mobile hydraulic machines, like excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and forklift trucks, haptic human-machine interfaces are not in use. Today, the machines are operated with

Model and Control for Hydraulic Excavator’s Arm

To control excavator’s arm and realize autonomous excavation, firstly, full kinematic and dynamic models of the excavator arm, regarded as a planar manipulator with three degrees of freedom, were